GamerGate harassment narrative nonsense

RejZoR's Flock of Sheep


You’ve probably already heard about the GamerGate “hate mob” and a “harassment” campaign to drive women out of gaming. It’s copy & pasted all over the media, by the same media who is accused of being corrupt to the core. And people outside of it seem to just blindly believe it, otherwise this nonsense narrative about harassment of women would end 1 month after it started. But no, here we are almost a year later and the exact same bullshit is still going on like a broken record skipping at the exact same part, repeating it over and over again…

But, I’m wondering about few things that just don’t compute for me, but somehow do for everyone else who aren’t GamerGate “members”…

You are bunch of misogynists…

If we (GamerGate) are here to attack, harass and drive women out of the gaming, what the hell are we benefiting from it?…

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Whine, bitch.

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