Sam Biddle Tops Milo Yiannopoulos List Of Gawker’s ‘Most Heinously Unpleasant’


Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos pulls no punches in his assessment of Gawker senior writer’s Sam Biddle as their number one most “…heinously unpleasant writers “. This is an assessment with which TSF can wholeheartedly agree and would add that Biddle most certainly has that backpfeifengesicht.

In a blistering rundown of all of the truly terrible people who staff the infamous clickbait factory, Milo describes Biddle as “…A spoiled, privileged, self-loathing child who takes out his self-loathing on innocent people and communities. No wonder he’s Gawker’s golden boy.”

I’ll make no secret of being a fan of Yiannopoulos and his coverage of the entire #gamergate saga, as well as his no holds barred, in your face facts that he unleashes on feminist co-panelists during his many lively television appearances. Wait not a…

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Whine, bitch.

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