GamerGate While Gay


To be blunt here; yes, I am pro-GamerGate. Moving onto the main topic; I am also gay.

When I originally told some people that I am both those things, they often looked at me in disbelief. “What?? GamerGate and gay?? You must get bullied so much!”. If you are anti-GG and assume this, sit your butt down and get ready for a story.

I have yet to be judged by a single person in GamerGate. I have yet seen anyone in GamerGate make any type of threat against a gay or lesbian person. That includes transgender, by the way. In short; I was welcomed with open arms and I’ve taken part in a few of their operations.

I thought I had to make this little post as context to my life, a sort of “getting to know me” post. I will be writing about several topics from gaming to science…

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Whine, bitch.

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