Facebook SJWs attack “Cry Bullies” proving cartoon’s point

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The tyrannical SJWs, who don’t believe in criticism or free speech, have ganged up on me and reported my cartoon “Cry Bullies” on the Ben Garrison Facebook page. Facebook has removed the cartoon because it violated their so called “ community standards” Since my IP address is  ‘ banned’ for 24 hours as punishment….I can’t even comment on my private page. My free speech has been placed in a safe zone, i.e. silenced. It was not just about removing the ‘offensive’ cartoon, it was about shutting me up completely. Facebook readily complied. Facebook is the biggest “Cry Bully “ of them all. 

Ironically, I have spent many hours complaining to Facebook when trolls have used my name and face and vandalized cartoons using my name and face. In 2014 alone, there were TEN such pages and nearly every time FB told me ‘the page does not violate community standards.’ Horrific things were published using my identity and Facebook…

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I wish I could put the full weight of who I am behind this message, give you some sort of proof that I’m not just someone with a narrative to push. However, the reality of the situation is that if anyone catches even the slightest whiff of my continued Gamergate support, I lose my job. My family will be out on the street if anyone makes the connection, so unfortunately a throwaway email and an internet cafe is the best I can do.

Let me make something clear: Gamergate is winning. Y’all are making waves at the highest tiers of the soulless corporate clusterfuck that is AAA Development, making them realize that they don’t have to have their balls in a vice if they don’t want to. Y’all are making waves in smaller studios, people realizing that, yo, maybe all of this political correctness is bullshit and can just do what people did in the 90s and make what we want instead of filling some kind of diversity quota or vagina minimum.

But in the midst of all this winning, the opposition is panicking. After SPJAirplay, they’re cracking down, making threats. Some individuals I’m close friends with have been quietly shown the door because they had the audacity to ask why things have been in such a sorry state lately. Unfortunately, as a result, I’ve gotta drop out of the running. As important as this activism is, I have a family, and they take priority.

Now, you folks shouldn’t take this as discouragement – y’all got the support of SO many developers and the fact that we’re being silenced with threats of unemployment means that you’ve seriously pissed them off. You’ve gotta keep fighting and you’ve gotta keep pushing so more of us can speak up. Keep spreading that information, keep sending those emails, and hopefully we’ll get this shit over with sooner rather than later.

I’d put this message out myself, but my browsing history is being monitored, so I’m using the relative anonymity of an outlook url and entrusting it to you. Put it on your wordpress, your tumblr, 8chan, I don’t give a damn – just get the message out for me. Feel free to pass out the email address too, I’ll answer whatever questions I can as long as it doesn’t involve revealing my identity. Keep up the good fight.

The Big Fist

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Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing and John Scalzi


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Cory Doctorow EiC at BoingBoing pimps out his personal friend John Scalzi’s books w/o disclosure

Thread on KIA

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#OSCON OpenSource STASI is watching you


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#OSCON “Thank you Tim O’Reilly”


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